Our name is Wolfgang.

We are a multidisciplinary design agency founded in 1999 and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Working mainly within the areas of design and advertising, we do everything from marketing strategies, graphic identities,
websites and ad campaigns to sound design, packaging, music production, illustration, and of course loads and loads of printed material.
Why limit yourself? Name it, and we'll create it.

Our work process and philosophy is quite simple: we like to work together with you rather than just working for you.
We believe that understanding your company is the key to making really great projects for you as well as for us.
That's why we always try to find the soul and unique values of whatever it is we'll work with, and set the starting point there.
Step two is basically distilling these abstracts into material that's grounded and relevant. In other words, making really neat stuff.

Who are we?
Carmen Manzano - Project manager, carmen@wolfgang.se
Johan Holmberg - Digital Director, johan@wolfgang.se
Martti Yap - Designer, martti@wolfgang.se
Olle W. Stråhle - CEO, olle@wolfgang.se
Pär Stråhle - Technical manager, par@wolfgang.se
Rikard Gartmyr - Art Director, rikard@wolfgang.se
Sabine Tatiana Hourani - Designer, sabine@wolfgang.se

How do you reach us?
Rådmansgatan 59
SE-113 60 Stockholm
+46-8-665 79 40